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samedi 4 août 2012

Club 41 International, la France renonce au logo!

Nouvel épisode dans les suites de Channaï, dans un but d'apaisement des tentions, le Club 41 Français, par un courrier envoyé par notre Président National en date du 3 août dernier, déclare renoncer au logo du Club 41 International et anuler l'enregistrement de sa protection internationale.
Serge Popoff réaffirme notre volonté d'égalité entre membres du club 41 (mêmes devoirs, mêmes droits ex-tablers ou pas) et d'amitié entre 41 à travers le monde.

Voici la lettre envoyée au Président du Club 41 International (KK), je présume qu'elle sera bientôt (avec sa traduction?) sur le site du Club 41 Français.

Dear KK,
A few months after Chennai, we have the feeling that our intentions have not been clearly understood by some of you.
Our only goal was to put an end to all the fights and discussions concerning the topic of Ex-Tablers and Non Ex-Tablers.
We thought that two structures, walking side by side, both coming from Round Table, and sharing the same values, would have been a better solution than these unending quarrels inside the same Club.
We would like to recall that it was not a “French” idea. We have followed the advices given by former International Presidents, who thought that a “split” was the best solution. This is what we tried to explain in Chennai.
In the same way, I wish to clarify our position concerning the Logo “Club 41 International”.
We wanted to preserve it, and not “steal” it, as we have heard it or read it.

Everybody knows that many National Associations prefer to be named “Old Tablers” or “Ex Tablers”, instead of 41 Association. Actually, very often, either on documents or on banners of those countries, one can read: “Association of Ex Tablers”, and not “41 Club”… That's why we were quite sure that, as GB and Ireland proposed many years ago, you would have accepted and adopted this proposal, namely “International Association of Ex Tablers”, and let us use the name 41 Club International”.
But you did not accept, preferring to start a new argument about this Logo, which unfortunately appears more important than the preservation of the Friendship and the unity in 41.
As new National President of Club 41 France, and by common consent with my National Board, my National IRO, Rémy Senicourt, and my Councillor, Jean-Louis Boileau, I do not want that this question of the Logo becomes the subject of a legal and regrettable  quarrel, which could be harmful to our present or future  relations.

I have then decided to cancel the registration by giving all instructions, and let you dispose of this Logo as you wish. This decision is, above all, justified by my intention to preserve a peaceful relationship between all 41 Associations. 
But I do want, once again, assert that Club 41 France has been, is, and will be, clearly and definitely involved in considering any member, duly elected at a National AGM, and therefore delegate (either President or IRO) to any International Association, as a full member, even if he had not the opportunity to enter formerly Round Table. As far as a friend becomes a member of a National Association, we consider that he has the same duties, and consequently the same rights. We remain respectful of equality between all members. 

We never tried to convince any Association to join us, but we think necessary to inform precisely all countries, who face the same problem of equality, about our undergrounds. We let them turn the question over in their members.
And it must be clearly understood by all, that if we have left the actual international organisation, we will not stop or give up the strong Friendship and all the links that the French 41 Club has around the world.

We all of us are 41ers, and  we will attend, as we have usually done in the past, National AGM of our Friends abroad, and will always be very happy to welcome all foreign Friends at our own AGM.
Many French Clubs (more than 220 checked off on 310 Clubs) who have direct connections and relations with 41 Clubs around the World, will go on maintaining these contacts. The same goes with the matching between Clubs or Regions. I know that they will continue enjoying and improving their meetings what ever happens on the level of the international organisations.

This will be my main endeavour during my Presidency: to encourage and promote such meetings between Clubs. Let it be, as it already is, the true nature of our international life!
I do not belong to our 41 Club to quarrel. I am here to meet Friends and share Friendship with open minded 41ers, in France and all over the world.

“ Il faut savourer la vie” “ Enjoy Life” !
Yours in Continued Friendship

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Comment une lettre du Président du CLUB NATIONAL 41 FRANCAIS, aussi récente et à diffusion restreinte, destinée au Président International en titre, peut elle être déjà sur le site L'IMPERTINENT???

Martial RONGIERAS a dit…

Ca c'est une excellente question... J'en ai une autre, comment la réponse de KK est-elle déjà sur L'1pertinent?


Répondre à une question par une autre question ne contribue pas " à faire avancer" la réflexion, mais sans doute auras tu à coeur maintenant de répondre explicitement aux deux questions qui n'en font qu'une ...

Martial RONGIERAS a dit…

Un journaliste même amateur ne cite pas ses sources... Cela dit, pas d'inquiétude, rien de glauque la dessous. Ce qui te surprend c'est sans doute que tu es habitué à un fonctionnement opaque du comité national et plus encore du bureau national vis à vis du 41 de base... Ce qui n'est pas nécessairement le cas ailleurs.