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samedi 5 juillet 2008

AG Club 41 Belgique

Ci-dessous, copie du mail d'invitation à l'AG nationale du Club 41 de Belgique. Pour ceux qui n'entendent pas le grand breton, il suffit de cliquer sur le lien pour tomber sur le site multilingue.

Dear President, dear Fellow-members,

It is with the greatest pleasure that my board and all members of the 41 Club Tienen 21 invite you to join us for a pleasant and relaxed get-together of both national and international 41 clubs, which will gather in Tienen from October 10 to 12, 2008.Our club wants to emphasize the ties of friendship and fellowship at this meeting and we therefore offer a formula commensurate to these themes. We will therefore offer for this three-days meeting, as much home-hosting as possible, both at the homes of 41 and RT 21 members.Those who may prefer a hotel room, can stay at the Alpha Hotel in Tienen, which has been reserved for us. We will offer a shuttle service from the hotel to the venues.More relevant information as well as the Registration Form are to be found on our website:

On this same website you also find the complete programme for these days, from Friday afternoon up to Sunday.We are looking forward and will be delighted to welcome you in our beautiful town of Tienen and it will be our pleasure to let you discover the surroundings and the regional specialties, which are not limited to sugar and beer, for which the town is known.Tienen is the sugar capital of Belgium and is located in the centre of the country; hence the motto of our 2008 AGM which is: “Sweet fun, in the middle of nowhere!”

For further information you are most welcome to contact us via our website, or call or write to any of the committee members as listed in our directory.Yours in 41!For the committee.

Philippe Deraedt President Club 41 Tienen21

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